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Featured Products : Northland Whistler Spoon
Posted by LSF on Jan 02, 2015 (22219 reads)

The WHISTLER® SPOON is forged from solid brass and features a CutSlab™ Macho Minnow® body that erratically tumbles and flashes on the fall. Hollow brass beads clack, clang & clatter while a sonic whistling prop blade lures Walleyes, Perch, Pike & Trout from a wide distance. Available in 6 holographic Baitfish-Image® colors including 4 Super-Glo® patterns. It flashes & flutters to lure fish . . . from a wide radius!

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Featured Products : Refilling 1 lb. Propane Bottle Tanks
Posted by Mike Potter on Dec 03, 2014 (53657 reads)

I started refilling my 1 lb propane tanks this year. Bought the Mr. Heater One Pound Propane Tank Refill Adapter off of Amazon and I couldn't be happier. I like the portability of the Big Buddy, so lugging around a big propane tank was out of the question. And paying $3.50-4.00 for pounders was getting ridiculous. I paid about $15 with free 2 day shipping with Amazon prime for the refill coupler.

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Featured Products : 
Posted by LSF on Aug 31, 2014 (7220 reads)

The Lindy Lil’ Guy makes your walleye fishing more fun by automatically adding action and flotation to your Lindy rigging. The Lil’ Guy’s precisely engineered design prompts it to run true (with no rollover) and wobble side-to-side – essentially adding a crankbait-like swimming action to your rig. Plus, the specific holographic color patterns simulate primary baitfish colors while the beads emulate secondary baitfish colors.

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Featured Products : Beavertail Big Gunner Blind
Posted by LSF on Dec 02, 2013 (16458 reads)

The new BIG GUNNER field blind is the next evolution in lift-assist blinds. With a new ergonomically contoured backrest, your head & neck are supported for hours of comfort in the field. We've also increased the footprint giving you more room inside the blind while flattening the profile to keep you low. The lift-assist backrest has 2 adjustments for a subtle lift or a big push (based on the size of the shooter) allowing you to get into position faster and concentrate on the shot when its "go" time.

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Featured Products : Aqua-Vu Micro 5
Posted by LSF on Oct 31, 2013 (37474 reads)

A Complete Underwater Camera System With A Larger 5" LCD, Built-In DVR, & One Million Pixel Camera!

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