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Articles : Critical Concepts for Boat Control by Ted Takasaki
Posted by LSF on Sep 01, 2014 (13755 reads)

I’ve probably asked a thousand anglers what they struggle with most. Almost all of them have asked me back, “How do I control my boat in the wind?”

Boat control is one of the most critical concepts for any angler to master.

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Articles : 3 Offbeat Ways For Summer Walleyes
Posted by LSF on Aug 07, 2014 (15876 reads)

Traditional summertime tactics catch plenty of big ‘eyes, or else they wouldn’t have become such strong traditions. Lindy Rigging, pulling spinners and suspending live bait account for countless catches. But sometimes, thinking outside the box is an even better way to put more, bigger walleyes in the box.
Just ask Jon Thelen. The longtime guide and sage of all things walleye often flips the tactical textbook upside down when conditions—or the fish themselves—dictate an unorthodox approach. As a result, he keeps his clients’ lines stretching while other anglers are struggling. Following are three of his top tricks for turning the tables on ever-elusive summertime ’eyes.

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Articles : Catch More Crowded Crappies by Daniel Quade
Posted by LSF on Jan 04, 2014 (16172 reads)

Visions of icing slab crappies seldom include crowds of anglers. More often, sweet dreams of icy nirvana center on remote backcountry waters or hidden gems that somehow fly under the masses' radar. However, while untapped fisheries can be dynamite, you can also enjoy banner catches on waters besieged by the bucket brigade.

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Articles : First-Freeze Walleyes by Daniel Quade
Posted by LSF on Dec 16, 2013 (6370 reads)

A shout echoes unanswered across the barren icepack of Minnesota’s massive Upper Red Lake. It’s hardly a call for help, much less a greeting. It’s veteran walleye guide Jonny Petrowske, proving a point about getting away from the crowd to corral first-ice ’eyes.

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Articles : Match The Migration For More Walleyes by Nathan Shore
Posted by LSF on Oct 21, 2013 (4115 reads)

The most important factor in any walleye presentation isn’t the lure, technique, trolling speed or line size. All those things can be as important as the color of your boat. Like the way to a man’s heart, the way to walleyes is through their stomachs, and that means that your knowledge of the local baitfish can be the most important factor to catching lots of walleyes.

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