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Articles : Become a Traveling Ice Angler by Dave Genz
Posted by Mike Potter on Nov 21, 2006 (1957 reads)

Being well traveled is a valued asset in many areas of life, and it’s definitely true in ice fishing. No matter how much time you spend on the water, if it’s always the same water, you can easily fall into a rut.
Go to the same spots, fish with the same lures, jig them the same way.
Traveling somewhere new forces you to think more, to explore not just highways and restaurants but the entire process of finding and catching fish. Real tournaments, like the Trap Attack series, show us that there is almost always more than one way to catch fish, even on the same body of water.

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Articles : 
Posted by Mike Potter on Nov 07, 2006 (1955 reads)

One of the facts you have to face when it comes to ice fishing is that it’s easier to do most things when you’re inside and warm. That includes obvious stuff like tying knots, but it also includes stuff like thinking clearly.

One of Dave Genz’s favorite sayings, when it comes to ice fishing: if it’s easy to do, you’ll do it. But once you get outside on a winter day, anything even moderately difficult gets put on tomorrow’s list.

That’s why you should strive to be ‘fish ready’ when you hit the ice.

In order to fish the way Dave does, you should approach the sport the way he does. It’s the same way a football team approaches every game: you try to anticipate what might happen and prepare for it; you have a game plan in mind and start out by trying your best ideas to work that plan; and finally, you see what actually happens and make adjustments.

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Articles : Catch More Fish at Early Ice by Dave Genz
Posted by Mike Potter on Oct 19, 2006 (6014 reads)

Early-ice fishing presents one of the truly grand opportunities of the year.

For one thing, fish have not been bothered much in the recent past by boating or fishing pressure. Few boats venture out in the gray of late fall on most waters. And as ice conditions begin to become walkable, many anglers are reluctant to be first to shuffle across the groaning, cracking surface.

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