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Articles : Flip and Pitch for Fall Walleyes by Nathan Shore
Posted by LSF on Oct 16, 2013 (4357 reads)

All summer walleyes have been in deep water following baitfish around, but come September and the start of cooler weather many of those baitfish head back to shallower water to spawn. Walleyes follow, and flipping and pitching a jig in shallow water becomes the No. 1 tactic for boating a big limit.

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Articles : 
Posted by LSF on Aug 05, 2013 (5039 reads)

Walleyes are walleyes no matter where they wander. As a general rule, whether they reside in inland lakes, rivers, reservoirs or the Great Lakes, their year-round habits are shaped by two things: spawning and eating.

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Articles : Casting Call by Daniel Quade
Posted by LSF on Aug 04, 2013 (4280 reads)

Trolling, rigging and jigging are great ways to put walleyes in the boat, but when conditions are right, casting shad-bodied crankbaits to shallow structure knows no equal for racking up big numbers of early summer ’eyes.

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Articles : The Chairman Of The Boards by Ted Takasaki
Posted by LSF on Aug 03, 2013 (1027 reads)

Bruce DeShano seems laid back enough -- until he talks about his passion for speed. The founder of Off Shore Tackle likes to drag race a souped-up Mustang with 700 horses under the hood. He reaches speeds more than 140 mph in a quarter mile!

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Articles : No-Fail Early Season Walleye Locations by Daniel Quade
Posted by LSF on Jul 25, 2013 (1100 reads)

Under the gunmetal skies of an overcast, early-season morning, two classic v-hulled walleye boats rock in the chop over a promising reef. For the past three hours the anglers have done their best to trigger bites from the bottom-hugging ’eyes clustered below.

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