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Articles : Hot Prices on Meat!!
Posted by LSF on May 05, 2016 (15027 reads)

Here's something that can save you some bucks! Lake State Fishing forum member Reinhard has been updating a thread he created on the forums called "hot prices on meat". Simply put, Reinhard and other LSF member's have been sharing where meat prices are the best. Hopefully this will save you some money!

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Articles : DNR Opens Mille Lacs to Darkhouse Spearing
Posted by LSF on Nov 18, 2014 (20067 reads)

Dark-House spearing of northern pike will be allowed at Mille Lacs Lake for the first time since the winter of 1982-83, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Anglers and spearers can keep 10 northern pike, of which only one may be longer than 30 inches. Anglers also will be able to fish for northern pike for a longer period of time this winter. The close of the northern pike angling season will be extended from mid-February to the last Sunday in March.

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Articles : End of Season by Haley Rustad
Posted by LSF on Nov 17, 2014 (14415 reads)

Well I'm sad to say that I have come out of this deer hunting season empty handed and fairly disappointed but I enjoyed every moment including even freezing my butt off! I've been hunting now for 9 years and have helped filled our tags every year. What I miss most is that heart rushing thudding in my ears "holy crap" moment!

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Articles : Techno Tip-Ups by Bob Bohland
Posted by LSF on Nov 13, 2014 (11512 reads)

In recent years I have found myself going away from my tip-ups more and more. It isnít that they arenít enjoyable, most of my favorite days on the ice have been spent running back and forth between flags; it is simply that I find myself on the move frequently and when I am not drilling a ton of holes it usually because it is really cold and I am camped out in my fish house. However, with a little work combined with some new technology, tip-up fishing is no longer a sit and wait technique.

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Articles : Feel the Jig by Dave Genz
Posted by LSF on Nov 10, 2014 (10904 reads)

At the heart of the ice fishing system Dave Genz pioneered is the belief that we can fish through the ice with the same approach we use in open water. This mindset changed everything about the sport, because it allowed us to take the pursuit to the fish rather than anchoring ourselves over one hole and hoping they show up.

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